UNH Neutron Monitor


BELOW: Dr. Jack Lockwood at the Neutron Monitor in Demerit Hall at UNH

Dr. Lockwood at the Monitor The University of New Hampshire owns and operates two neutron monitors of over 100 in the world. One monitor sits atop Mt. Washington, 6,288 feet above sea level, and is the longest running neutron monitor in the world since 1954. The other monitor resides in Demerit Hall at UNH, and has been in operation since 1964. The neutron monitor project was designed in the 1950's as means to study the sun, cosmic rays, and the effect cosmic rays have on earth systems. Although the monitors are not the primary source of the data for space research, the data collected serves as a base line for data collected for local and deep space research(Voyager, Pioneer, GRO, ACE, to name a few).

The monitor at UNH is maintained by Dr. Jack Lockwood(above) as well as some part-time staff and an undergraduate. Currently, the data collected is being archived into a CD-ROM format, as well as accessability of the raw data through an ethernet connection to both Mt. Washington and Durham.

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