C. Alex Young



Graduate Student

University of New Hampshire 
Space Science Center 
Morse Hall, Room 329 
Durham, NH 03824 


603-862-4385 (voice) 
603-862-4685 (fax) 



Research Interests

Gamma-Ray Astrononomy, Solar Flares, Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts, Signal Processing, and Wavelets

Active Projects

I am a member of the UNH group of the Compton Telescope (COMPTEL) aboard the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory(CGRO) satellite. I currently work on the analysis of cosmic gamma-ray bursts (GRB) observed by the Burst and Transient Experiment (BATSE) aboard the CGRO as well as the study of neutrons and particle acceleration in solar gamma-ray flares observed by COMPTEL.

Conference Presentations & Proceedings

The following is a list recent conferences where I have contributed (or plan to) formal presentations (talks or posters). In some cases, postscript versions of the proceedings papers can be obtained. Select the paper title to read the abstract.
Statistical Challenges in Modern Astronomy II (University Park, PA, June, 1996)

Wavelet Based Analysis of Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts, Young et al. in press, 1996. [paper-ps] [poster-ps]




3rd Huntsville Gamma Ray Burst Symposium (Huntsville, AL, October, 1995)

A Search for Micro Cosmic Gamma-Ray Bursts in BATSE One Second Continuous Data, Young et al. in press, 1996. [paper-ps]

A Compact Representation of GRB Time Series Using Multiscale Edge Detection, Young et al. in press, 1996. [paper-ps]




29th ESLAB Symposium: Towards the Source of Gamma-Ray Bursts (Noordwijk, The Netherlands, April, 1995)

A Compact Representation of Gamma Ray Burst Time Series, Young et al. 1995. Astrophys. Space Sci. 231, 231. [poster-ps] [paper-ps]









By clicking here, you can access various internal memos and reports relevant to the COMPTEL project. This area has restricted access to COMPTEL team members only.

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